Syzygites megalocarpus

Syzygites megalocarpus (Ehrenberg)

Phylum: Mucoromycota
Class: Mucoromycetes
Order: Mucorales
Family: Mucoraceae
Genus: Syzygites
Species: megalocarpus
Authority: Ehrenberg
Collection #: PLP847_2018_216
Locale: Rives Junction, MI

Figure 1 a) Habitat picture showing mixed hardwoods. b) Picture showing the S. megalocarpus growing off a decaying mushroom. c) Closer image showing the clusters of sporangia hanging to the ends of the hyphea. d) Microscopic image of a sporangium ith no spores. e) microscopic image showing sporangia covered with spores. 

This fuzzy parasitic fungus has been documented growing on over 65 different species of mushroom (Kuo, Syzygites Megalocarpus, n.d.). Occasionally called the Troll-Doll fungus, S. Megalocarpus forms long strands of hyphae prior to forming dichotomously branching sporangiophores which terminate with septated sporangia covered in 5-35 µm spores. As S. Megalocarpus matures, the color of the spores ranges from yellow to grey.


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