Macrolepiota procera

Macrolepiota procera (Scopoli) Singer


  • Phylum: Basidiomycota
  • Class: Agaricomycetes
  • Order:Agaricales
  • Family: Agaricaceae
  • Genus:Macrolepiota
  • Species:procera
  • Collection #:PLP_2018_291
  • Location:Charlevoix, MI

Macrolepiota procera is found throughout the United States and Europe and is edible. Be on the lookout, it grows under conifers or hardwoods, and along footpaths or in open woods. Macrolepiota procera looks like an umbrella and is known as a parasol too. It is a white mushroom. The cap can be 7-20cm wide, oval then convex and finally flat with a bump on the center . It has brown scales distributed on the cap because as it develops the surface breaks and forms these scales. The gills are free and crowded. They darken to pinkish or tan with age.  The stem (10-20 cm) is long in a mature mushroom and has a double-edged ring that is movable. Flesh is white and does not bruise. The spore print was white. This mushroom is edible but can be confused with Chlorophyllum rachodes, which has a grayish-green spore print.                                                                                                

Figure 1.  Macrolepiota procera  growing  under  conifer  tree  on  lawn.
Figure 3.  The gills and cap of Macrolepiota procera.
Figure 4.  Under side of cap showing long stem with ring.

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