Uncinula necator( syn. Erysiphe necator)

Uncinula necator( syn. Erysiphe necator)


Within the chasmothica of this fungi is a bunch of asci, and in the asci there are many spores. This pathogen is a biotrophic fungi, that cannot live without the host. The leaves of the infected plant will be covered with white powder that is the fungi’s hyphae, the small black and brown dots on the leaves contain the ascospores. The hyphae and the chasmothica are visible to the naked eye.


Collector: Anna Stouffer-Hopkins


Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Leotiomycetes

Order: Erysiphales

Family: Erysiphaceae

Genus_species Uncinula necator( syn. Erysiphe necator)

Genus: Uncinula(Erysiphe)

Species: necator

Authority: Schweintz 1892


Lansing, Michigan USA

Latitude: 42°45’17.5″N

Longitude: 84°32’17.5″W

Elevation: 267 m



Habitat: Grape vines growing on a chain link fence

Substrate: On living grape leaves

Macro-Description: White powder( mycelia ) covering the leaf surface with yellow-brown-black balls spread throughout (chasmothica containing the asci and spores)

Micro-description: Black/brown chasmothica whith ascii inside, and single celled elipsoid spores

Rationale for ID: Morphology match, and only one species known on grape in Michigan





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