Ropalospora chlorantha

Ropalospora chlorantha

The cliff overlook where this lichen was found

The fruiting bodies of the lichen


The needle like spores, although few and far between, are within the fruiting bodies.

This lichen grows on a rock. Cuz it’s awesome, lichens can also grow on metal structures, they’re coming for us. Lichen grow on a variety of substrate, they don’t really care and people can use them as decoration in terrariums and things almost like a moss. It’s hard to believe they can receive any nutrients from these sorts of substrates, but probably due to their close relationship with algae they can mange.


CollectionDate: 10-6-18

Collector: Anna Stouffer-Hopkins


Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Ascomycetes

Order: Teloschistales

Family: Fuscideaceae

Genus_species: Ropalospora chlorantha

Genus: Ropalospora

Species: chlorantha

Authority: (Tuckerman) S. Ekman1848


Dane county, Wisconsin USA

Latitude: 43.1194° N

Longitude: 89.6864° W

Elevation: 297

Habitat: In a deciduous forest clearing on a small mountain cliff over looking soy bean fields

Substrate: Rock

Macro-Description: Tiny black dots( fruiting bodies) covering the rock with a green thallus

Micro-description: Needle like spores with a green thallus that is spread over the rock surface with black perithica interspersed with the thallus

This Species is not known to be in this part of Wisconsin but it is the only lichen in the key that has all of the characteristics of this lichen

Rationale for ID: Keyed out using morphology



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