Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

Pycnoporus cinnabarinus (Jacquin) Karsten


Kingdom:        Fungi

Division:         Basidiomycota

Class:             Agaricomycetes

Order:             Polyporales

Family:            Polyporaceae

Genus:             Pycnoporus

Species:           P. cinnabarinus 


Pycnoporus cinnebarinus (Jacquin) Karsten (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae) is very widespread in North America and most commonly found on dead hardwoods. This fungus us a saprotroph and will cause a nice white rot on the dead trees which cross paths with it (figure 3).

Pycnoporus cinnebarinus is a bright orange fungus with an even brighter orange/red pore surface (figure 1). The undersurface of this fungus is covered with very minute pores which produce ellipsoidal shaped spores (figure 2). and which produce a white spore print (figure 2).

Figure 1. Pycnoporus cinnebarinus (PLP847_2018_201). Minute pore surface of Pycnoporus cinnebarinus (left) and the KOH reaction, resulting in a dark purple to gray discoloration (right).


Figure 2. Pycnoporus cinnebarinus (PLP847_2018_201) has a white spore print (seen faintly in the left and center pictures. Spores are thin and ellipsoidal in shape (right).

This fungus does not possess a stipe of any sort to speak of, but instead the cap simply grows out of the side of a downed tree trunk. The cap will react to KOH and change to a deep purple color, turning to a more grayish hue as time passes (figure 1).

Figure 3. Pycnoporus cinnebarinus (PLP847_2018_201) environment photo showing the dead tree trunks these fungi were growing on.











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