Mycena leaiana

Mycena leaiana (Berk.) Sacc.


Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Mycenaceae

Genus: Mycena

Species: leaiana


Mycena leaiana belongs into family Mycenaceae. It is commonly known as “orange mycena” or “Lea’s mycena”. The distinguished features of this species are bright orange colored caps with orange stipes. They are considered as saprobes of deadwood of hardwood and usually grow as dense clusters on deadwood (Figure 1).

Mycena leaiana has an oval or bell shaped 1-4 cm cap. Both cap and stipes are yellow color when they are young and then it turns in to dull yellow or white color with maturity. Moreover, the caps and stipes are sticky when they are wet.  They have hollow 3-7 cm long stems. M. leaiana is a gilled mushroom and gills are attached closely and crowded to the stem. Gills are orange at the edge and faces are light yellow to cream color (Figure 1).

The spore print of M. leaiana is white (Figure 2). The spores are elliptical, and the size of the spore is 7-10 x 5-6 µ (Figure 3). It has cheilocystidia with 40 x 15 µ and the shape can be variable from fusiod-ventricose to irregular. M leaiana is closely related to Mycena texensis but the two species can be differentiated by brownish to grey colored caps and the smaller spore size in M. texensis (4.5 x 6 µ).


Figure 1: M. leaiana growing as clusters on deadwood


Figure 2: The spore print of M. leaiana         


Figure 3: The spores of M. Leaiana


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