Laccaria Ochropurpurea (Berkeley) Peck

Fig 2: The shaggy stem of a Laccaria ochropurpurea

Laccaria Ochropurpurea is a mycorrhizal basidiomycete with hardwoods and conifer, and is usually found growing alone. One of the key distinguishing features is the distinct purple color of the gills which is in contrast to the white cap(Fig. 1). Laccaria amethystina  has gills that have a similar dark purple color, but the cap is also purple. The cap can also frequently be characterized by a central depression.  The stem is the same off-white color as the cap, but can also be characterized by a rough or shaggy texture (Fig 2).  This mushroom is known to be edible

Fig 1: The purple gills of Laccara Ochropurpurea (2)

The spores are globose and are ornamented with spikes (Fig. 3). Another distinguishing feature is that when tested with KOH reaction the cap or the stem will briefly turn orange, this can be used to distinguish it from similar Laccaria species such as Laccaria Amethystina which has a brown reaction when tested with KOH.

Laccaria ochropurpurea

Fig 3: Spores of Laccaria Ochropurpurea ornamented with spikes (3)


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