Gymnopus dryophilus and Syzygospora mycetophila

Gymnopus dryophilus (Bull.) Murrill is a common mushroom with very common features. It has a tannish-brown cap, white gills, reddish-brown stipe, and produces a white spore print. Honestly, kind of a boring mushroom.

(A) Habitat photo for G. dryophilus. (B) Reddish-brown stipe and white gills of G. dryophilus. (C) Brown cap and white spore print of G. dryophilus (spore print on the stick)However, in some instances, G. dryophilus hosts another fungus, Syzygospora mycetophila (Peck) Ginns & Sunhede. S. mycetophila is a jelly-like fungus that parasitizes G. dryophilus, so S. mycetophilatakes on the tannish-brown color of its host. S. mycetophila is capable of parasitizing the cap and stipe, but does not parasitize the gills.

(A) Cap of G. dryophilus parasitized by S. mycetophila. (B) A second cap of G. dryophilus parasitized by S. mycetophila. (C) Cap and stipe of G. dryophilus parasitized by S. mycetophila.

Phylum: Basidiomycota Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes Class: Tremellomycetes
Order: Agaricales Order: Tremellales
Family: Marasmiaceae Family: Syzygosporaceae
GenusGymnopus GenusSyzygospora
Speciesdryophilus Species: mycetophila


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