Craterellus ignicolor

Craterellus ignicolor (R.H. Petersen)


Kingdom:        Fungi

Division:         Basidiomycota

Class:             Agaricomycetes

Order:             Cantharellales

Family:            Cantharellaceae

Genus:             Craterellus

Species:           C. ignicolor

Figure 1. Craterellus ignicolor (PLP847_2018_203). C. ignicolor fruiting bodies growing at the base of oak trees in moss, which is characteristic of this species (left). The false gills of this genus are a major defining character (right).







Figure 2. Craterellus ignicolor (PLP847_2018_203). Close up view of the false gills of C. ignicolor. False gills generally resemble wrinkles or pleats, as opposed to forming sharp gills.


Craterellus ignicolor (R.H. Petersen) (Basidiomycota, Chantharellaceae) most often grows in areas with significant shade and in amongst moss in coniferous or hardwood forests. These fungi can be mycorrhizal with trees such as oak and beech, but can also be saprotrophic and survive off of dead plant material. These craterelles can most often be seen in the summer and fall months either gregariously or standing alone. False gills are clearly visible on the underside of the cap and are usually pinkish to brownish-orange. The cap becomes perforated in the center as it ages and there develops a clear vase-like appearance, rending the stipe hollow. The margins of the cap will also become scalloped and curl with age.

Figure 3. Craterellus ignicolor (PLP847_2018_203). development of a central depression and becoming hollow with age, places this fungus into the Craterellus genus, as opposed to the genus Cantharellus under which it was previously classified (left). The stipe and underside of this fungus are generally pinkish to brownish-yellow/orange and the cap becomes perforated in the center, turning vase-like with age as well (right).



Figure 4. Craterellus ignicolor can most often be found growing among moss and ground cover in hardwood forests.


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