How fungus could forever change the future of manufacturing

Using fungi as a material source is something that could be the solution for some of the problems we have to get rid of plastic. It takes a lot less resources and energy to produce a fungi based packaging than an oil-base plastic package. For example, simple packaging for glassware is supposed to be thrown away, and being able to simply toss it away in your yard, without creating more trash, and more work is something that we all should be looking for. That is what the co-founders of Ecovative Design, in Green Island, N.Y. have invested their money in. Because of fungi’s filamentous growth, they can be molded into soft packaging. Biological organisms are inherently cheaper and can decompose, which makes the final product cheaper and more environmentally friendly. 

“Altering the environmental conditions and substrates that microorganisms like mycelium grow in can result in products with various textures, colors, and structural properties”.




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