Honey Can Potentially Destroy Fusarium Biofilms


Scientists have been studying different approaches in order to fight pathogens in humans, animals and plants. One such pathogen is the fungi Fusarium, which can cause blindness and even death in humans as well as being a very destructive pathogen on plants and animals. Throughout history honey has been known to be a wound-healing agent. Applying honey to a wound helps in a quicker healing process.

Researchers at the University of Manchester discovered a new approach using honey to fight Fusarium biofilms. Dr. Riina Rautemaa-Richardson and her Master’s student Zain Habib Alhindi have been studying a medicinal type of honey known as Surgihoney that has shown potential effects against fungal biofilms. Surgihoney is a biologically engineered honey that produces hydrogen peroxide. It also contains vitamins and minerals, which helps create new tissue structures in wound sites. Zain tested different concentrations of Surgihoney against Fusarium. The results were quite interesting since even small concentrations of honey eliminated Fusarium biofilms in a matter of days. Since microbial resistance against to some antibiotics is growing, this study can bring new approaches and alternative ways to manage fungi infections. There are not many scientists that have studied honey against pathogenic fungi.  This research can open up interest to study honey and fungi interactions.






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